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My last article was about revision control systems, but we didn’t talk about hosting for central repository. If developers team is located in the office, then you will put the repository at the LAN, but when your team have need to work over Internet, and your developers are dislocated, then you need host repository at the web, so team members can access it, and pull changes from it or create copied repository wherever they are.

What kind of hosting do you need ? You need hosting with revision control systems support. If you using Mercurial, then you need host with Mercurial installed on it, if you using Subversion you need hosting with it.



I will never promote some product or service, unless i think this is very useful for my readers. I was looking for hosting with revision control systems on it, to host my project on it, and i find out a great one. It is Assembla, place where you can store and track your code changes, and collaborate with you team. You can create as many workspaces / projects at the Assmebla as you need. If you want to make your workspace private / commercial, you will need to pay for workspace, but if your project is open sourced then it is free, but you need to know that your files will be available at the web.

For every workspace you will pick some package:

  • Subversion Hosting with Integrated Tickets
  • Trac and Subversion Hosting
  • Git Hosting with Integrated Tickets
  • Mercurial with Trac
  • Team Collaboration and much more …

They have more packages and software for collaboration, i didn’t test all of them.

Assembla scrum

Assembla scrum

As you can see every workspace, have Trac or tickets included. Trac is issue tracking system for software development projects. They set up everything, you can use it instantly. Every workspace have it’s own access URL. Only with account name, and password you can access to repository.

On client side, you and tour team members need to install third-party clients for revision control systems you are using. For instance: for Mercurial you can install TortoiseHg, or if you using Subversion you can use TortoiseSVN.

Now your projects have revision control included, and your team can use some useful collaboration software at the Assembla.

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