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Let’s kill the bugs

If your development team have more then one person, you will need some collaboration tool to improve team coherence. I love this kind of tools, they help me to improve progress, work and cooperation in team. There is a lot of great products, but this time i want to focus only at the bugs tracking. The 16bugs is nice web tool for tracking bugs on your projects.

After registration, you can create you company account, and include your team into this company, by inviting people to register on 16bugs. You can create projects, and give permissions to people to view or submit bugs.

Every bug can be assigned to some team member, with status and priority. Status can be: “Verified”, “Solving”, “Testing”, “Testing Passed”, “Duplicate”, “Solved” or “Discarded”. You can sort bugs by category or software version.

Team members can view bugs assigned to them, when they log in, or track them via RSS feed. Bad site is that for free you can get only 1MB space for your data and just one project. If you want more space, E-mail, RSS and Campfire notifications, you need to pay for some plan. Campfire is like instant messaging, but designed exclusively for groups. The 16bugs offer Reply via email, Anonymous submission and Secure SSL too.

Premium plan cost $99/month, Plus $49/month, Huge $25/month, Big $15/month and Basic cost $8/month, so you can pick plan which fit your needs.

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